Antonio Banderas’ daughter is already 22 years old. Look what she looks like!

Actor Antonio Banderas married his co-star Melanie Griffith after starring in the 1995 film Two Too Many. A year after they met, Mélanie gave birth to a daughter.

The first child was named Stella del Carmen Banderas Griffith. Stella followed in the footsteps of her star parents and appeared in several films. Although recently, judging by the girl’s Instagram, she spends more time traveling.

Now Stella is 22 years old. He was engaged in filming, directing and writing screenplays.

Banderas and Griffith’s daughter is a polyglot. Stella speaks English, Spanish, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

Stella’s parents get along well even after their divorce in 2014. Both parents were present at their daughter’s graduation ceremony. Stella doesn’t like to talk much about her personal life. It is known that Banderas’ daughter has a lover, but the press does not know the name of the chosen one.

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