An Unexpected Horse Walks Into A Guy And Establishes A Home

In the city of Dunedin, New Zealand, it is obviously alive and good to be a good neighbor.

Just ask Shark, a good neighborhood horse.
The other day, Shark left his master’s house to walk around the neighborhood. No one knows what she got along the way, but we know exactly where she ended up.

As she entered a stranger’s house to complete her adventure, Shark immediately felt at home.

But perhaps even more surprising is the carefree way to meet Shark.

Here’s a Facebook post made by an owner who suddenly discovered he was harboring a horse:

Although Shark took quite a few liberties as an intruder, he found someone who was willing to make her part of his family if she needed to.

However, thanks to this message, Sharq’s owner, Ben Telfer-Hines, was warned of what his horse had done. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that surprising.

“She’s actually an inside horse, so it wasn’t a shock to me to see her hiding in that man’s house,” Telfer-Hines told The Dodo. “I’m so glad she was able to find such a beautiful place to stay for a short time.”

Although the horse was returned home safely and without incident, the story of what he experienced that day is not entirely trivial. This shows that a stranger in Dunedin, New Zealand is actually just a pal you haven’t met yet.

The same logic applies to neighbors who use the word “neigh”.

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