An owner returns home and is led into the bathtub by his golden retriever to meet his “new friend” whom he has brought home.

A man had a dog named Crosby. He had other pets but sadly passed away.

Crosby was obviously sad. He is a very good boy.
He lost his cat friend about six months ago and his best friend’s dog, who had been with him since he was eight weeks old, just over a month ago. Crosby didn’t mind being the only dog.”

Eventually, tired and unhappy without his best friend, Crosby decided to find a new furry friend.

One day some guests came to their house. There he found a small purring kitten that he had never seen before.

It looks like Crosby brought cats and kittens into his house.

What was even stranger was that the kitten seemed a bit familiar.

The family figured that since Crosby had found a new kitten, they might as well keep him. The dog is very happy with his new kitten. We are so happy that Rayna the cat has found such a good home with a friend who obviously loves her very much.

Animals have very good hearts, and of course, they have feelings that bond with their owners and other animals as well.

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