An officer lays down in the street to comfort his beloved horse in his final moments

It was an ordinary day, which later turned into a nightmare. It was an accident due to which; an officer’s horse was mortally wounded. And the last instances of the horse were very tragic.

For more than four years — since she joined the Houston Police Department — Charlotte and Officer D. Herrejon were best friends.

The accident was completely unexpected Suddenly the horse ran into the middle of the street and was knocked down by a truck.

She had broken legs and other very serious injuries.

The heartbroken Officer Herrejon couldn’t believe his eyes. So he lay down on the floor next to Charlotte, hugged her around her neck, rested his head on her shoulder, and offered her some comfort. It was an extremely emotional moment.

“It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of Charlotte, a mounted police patrol horse who died while on duty this morning…” – said in the post.

The horse loved his job and was always ready to get to work putting the bad guys in jail or kissing the kids.

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