An extremely huge fish with a small human being

A not so young American diver witnessed a huge and terrifying shark. He posted this photo on his social media page and the whole world was horrified. There were several other giant fish, but this man was knocked unconscious by a giant fish. He thought the giant predatory fish could carry a baby. His behavior led the man to speculate.

She must have been pregnant, and she never missed a meal. He added that it was a strong fish that approached me without fear while swimming past.

Large crustaceans, small fish, other species and cetaceans make up the bulk of the menu. They also eat pollutants with larger prey.

They also eat large prey along with them. At birth, they reach a height of about 60 cm. In adulthood, they reach a height of 1.5-2.5 meters.

Due to their huge size, they can seem very territorial to the first observer: after 10-11 months, female sharks will have 3-13 cubs. Female sharks are very rough with potential competitors, sometimes even with humans. They have higher androgen levels than other vertebrates and are therefore aggressive. They want to protect themselves and their young.

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