An extraordinary couple who amaze with their love and attitude towards life

It’s a true love story. Love for nothing, but in spite of everything…

James Ramsek is a former soldier who was deployed to Iraq and seriously injured. The man had to have his leg amputated. He served on active duty, adjusted to his new life, underwent treatment and rehabilitation.

Many people are psychologically unable to cope with stress. Depression, alcohol, wandering But Jacques did not despair. He took up sports, went to rehab and… tattooed.

This active and athletic soldier was invited to participate in an unusual photographic project dedicated to veterans. The man became famous.

His life is going very well now. He met a woman who loves him, supports him and shares his interests. Heidi is the one who brought him back to life. After some time, James proposed to her.

The former soldier is now a model, has his own blog and is happily married.

They are both really happy. No difficulty will ever hold you back!

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