An Abused Cat Has Finally Found an Owner After Being on the Street

A furry ginger cat, who appeared to be around six years old and had probably been on the streets the whole time, was captured and taken to the shelter.

The cat appeared to have survived fights with more than a dozen cats and dogs, with a body covered in scars, an ear drooping like a rag, and nearly blind eyes.

The cat was not wild at all and was not afraid of people. On the contrary, it was a very soft little thing, which purred as soon as it was caressed.

It was named Bruce Willis and the search for an owner began. Bruce purred and loved everyone who came to pick him up, but sadly most of them had either a kitten or the best of cats. There was no chance for Bruce.

Sandra visited the shelter’s Facebook page and was looking at photos of cats looking for owners, and Bruce’s photo immediately caught her eye.

Sandra went to the shelter and asked for a photo of the ginger cat, which looked very sad: she wasn’t ready for a pet yet. The landlord of the apartment she rented had a “no dogs or cats” rule.

So Sandra came home from the shelter without Bruce and hoped someone would pick him up soon.

Sandra visited the shelter several times and spoke to the cat, but a month passed and Bruce still had no owner. And it broke Sandra’s heart.

It was then that she finally made up her mind. She sent the owner a picture of the cat and asked him to make an exception and let her keep it. And the owner couldn’t resist and let her!

“I can’t refuse those eyes,” she said, and she signed the papers.

Eventually, when Bruce arrived at Sandra’s house, he immediately started acting. As he lay down on the floor and began to be fondled by his wife, he moaned.

“He moaned the whole first night. Since that day, he has always followed me everywhere.”

Bruce no longer fights for food, he has a warm home, lots of toys and a mistress who constantly caresses him.

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