After seeing the girl, the cat at the orphanage hugged her and pushed her into his collar. But she couldn’t take it…

Andy Brumagen and his fiancée Jessica Paren decided it wouldn’t be bad if they had a cat. With these thoughts, they were poisoned at a local shelter.

Passing the aviaries with animals, Jessica liked a large cat that looked at her with very sad eyes. The girl decided that she could give this animal a little warmth and affection, hugging him.

At that moment, the cat kissed Jessica incredibly tightly and buried its muzzle into her collar. He didn’t want to let her go.…

He has been in this shelter for a little over two weeks. He was brought here because he didn’t get along at all with other animals and young children.

Jessica decided to call it a clutch. Clutch-vice) because of its very strong grip. But she couldn’t take him home…

Thing is, they have a little kid who the Clutch can show aggression to. And they live with a 19-year-old cat, who demands love and affection from them. And because of her age, she can’t cope with such a characteristic cat as the Clutch.

But they couldn’t leave the cat in a shelter and decided to help her find a new home.

“When I tried to bring him back to the aviary he hugged me and wouldn’t let him go. It was so moving that I couldn’t hold back my tears. The thought of not taking it broke my heart,” says Jessica.

Jessica decided to post in a group of cat lovers on Facebook video with Clutch, which immediately went viral:

People were touched by the behavior of this solitary cat. And when Jessica decided to visit Clutch the next day, she saw several families who came to the shelter right behind that cat.

And a day later, Jessica received a call from the shelter and shared the beautiful news that a loving and wonderful family had been found for the Clutch. Now he has people who will take care of him and he can kiss Toga whenever he wants!

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