After discovering his soft bed is occupied by a spoiled kitten, the Golden Retriever begins to fight to get his dog bed back

Until now, the cause of the “war” between dogs and cats is unknown. It’s very interesting to imagine the behavior of a dog who suddenly saw a chqt in his bed.

This is the situation that happened to a dog named Bailey. Discovering that in his bed was a spoiled cat, he became very nervous.

At this point the innocent plans were dissipated when he realized that his bed was already occupied.

After several restless movements, he saw that the small invader had no intention of leaving her position.

But the dog did not give way and continued to fight as it moved around his bed.

Bailey tried several methods but with no results. Nothing bothered the little cat; who settled on a soft dog bed.

He lay on the edge of his bed, ignoring the spoiled creature.

The kitten then changed her behavior, sharing the bed with her kind companion.

The war ended with a peaceful sharing of a dog bed between two adorable friends.

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