After Being Rescued, Dog Stranded On Highway Gives Biggest Hug To Rescuer

After a day spent shopping in front of the school, Evie and Leslie Benson were driving home when they noticed cars circling a small brown object in the distance. Soon they came upon him: a dog petrified in horror in the path of an approaching 18-wheeler truck.

Evie Benson told The Dodo: “We closed our eyes, scared to see this pup getting pounded by a car.” “Luckily the dog got off the road in time.”

Because she saw a challenge so close, Benson knew what she had to accomplish.

He was dirty and very skinny, but despite his condition, the puppy’s tail never stopped wagging.

“I was heartbroken when I thought about what that dog had been through and how scared and lonely she was,” Benson said. “The drive was easy. Eventually he fell asleep in my arms and I started crying. I wanted him to know he was finally safe.”

They took the dog to the Guchland County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center, where he was quickly adopted.

The next day, Benson came back to see him. She wasn’t sure if the puppy remembered her, but as soon as she appeared he jumped into her arms.

Benson said “We were sitting with him in the room and that’s when the emotion washed over us.” “Mom and I both started crying… He curled up in my lap as I joined him on the floor and seemed happy to do so. He even lay on top of me and kissed me.

Soon, Benson gave the dog a perfect name, and she started calling him a Wagging Tail, because he never wagged his tail.

Benson still can’t believe so many drivers saw Wags and didn’t stop to help, but she’s so happy he’s finally getting the help she needs. Although she’s going to college in the fall and can’t adopt him, she knows Wegs will quickly find his family.

Benson remarked, “It just kills my heart because I can’t embrace it. The SPCA received calls and emails asking how Wags was doing. I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding a home.

Wags will surely always remember her, and Benson is sure she will never forget a little dog on the road.

A bond was formed between us for life and Benson said, “I love him so much.” I am happy to have been able to help him and contact him.

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