After 4 Long Years Without Seeing His Best Friend, This Horse Loses His Mind And Goes Overjoyed

Arthur, William and Harry were best friends from an early age. When they lived in England, Sue Bradburn was proud of her horses and loved them with all her heart. However, difficult times forced her to make the difficult decision to sell Arthur.

He was greatly missed by Sue, as well as William and Harry. Sue worked hard for nearly five years to get her beloved horse Arthur back, which she raised as a foal. When Arthur came home, Sue didn’t know how he was going to react to his old playmates. After all, the three of them were still very young at the time, and it was possible that they had forgotten each other. .

But in this film, Sue’s worries disappear as soon as Harry sees Arthur: the two run towards each other and William quickly follows them; all three meet to celebrate and roll into a ball, and they seem to end up in the right place.

Sue and we were delighted to see the animals having fun. Their wonderful reunion proves that true friendship never dies.

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