Adorable Video Shows Mother Moose Helping Baby Cross Road

Living in Alberta, Canada, Steve Muise is used to seeing lots of deer and fawns in the forest – but last week he saw a mother-child pairing that warmed his heart even more.

While returning home from a trip to Edmonton, Muise and his wife, Lalaine, noticed a mother moose who had recently given birth waiting by the side of the road with her newborn calf.

They stopped the car, impressed by the cuteness of the little baby. With slicked back fur and still wobbly legs, the little calf followed its mother safely across the street.

The Muises just watched, recording the sweet scene and waving at approaching motorists to give the animals their space.

“Not many people have seen calves that young,” Steve Muise told The Dodo. “I think he was just born in a few hours.”

After the new little family made it across the road, Muise returned home with a beautiful reminder of the strength of the bond between animal mother and child.

Since posting the cute dating video online, it has been viewed thousands of times – and Muise is so happy to be able to remember this special moment forever.

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a family bond – and it’s baby season, after all.

“I’m a driving instructor and my students were amazed,” Muise said of the video. “One of the most incredible things I have ever seen.”

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