Abandoned, Neglected Puppy Was Discovered Tied To A Park Seat In Mexico Alongside A Tragic Note

An Abandoned Puppy Was Discovered Tied To A Bench In A Park In Mexico Next To A Tragic Note

The owner threw his Golden Retriever onto the playground and left him a Scribbled Note.

Marcela Goldberg, an employee of the animal rescue organization Mascotas Coyoacán, discovered an unfortunate dog tied to a seat. When she arrived on the scene, she found an unfortunate animal sitting alone on the seat, without food or water, despite its physical condition.

Marcela tried to contact the dog Max, but he was aggressive and scared, even trying to bite her. With the help of a dog trainer, he was eventually released. Max’s personality changed upon his release; he was scared, but not as hostile as before.

Marcela read a message explaining that The Golden Retriever had been left on the playground.

It was discovered that the previous owner had mistreated the dog and that one of the grown-ups in this family was worried about the condition of his beloved dog,

they decided to leave him there in the hope that he would be adopted and that kind people would give him support and compassion. Marcela received countless reactions and sponsorship offers after posting The sweet dog’s heartbreaking story online.

Boston was saved by a remarkable family just days after being rescued.

We hope Boston will be happy and cherished in his new permanent home.

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