Abandoned dog who was sick with mange and treated is now unrecognizable

On Christmas Eve, Lauren Buckley was browsing Facebook when she came across a post from a man who had picked up two stray dogs from the street and was at a loss what to do with them.

Lauren, who works with her friend Brooke Cole as a volunteer for an animal rescue organization, has volunteered to help.

The girls canceled their plans to go to New York for the New Year and went to see the author of the message. Both dogs looked bad, but one, Laney, caused the most concern.

According to Loren, the animal gave off a terrible smell. The dog saw nothing and left bloody traces everywhere.

Everything said that Laney would not live even a week.

But after the first visit to the vet, it became clear that the dog is a real fighter.

Due to neglected demodicosis, he had terrible itching and pain. A secondary skin infection resulted in almost complete hair loss. But Laney persevered and fought for her life.

A long and painful treatment began, the costs of which were borne by the voluntary organization.

Lauren and Brooke, in turn, tried to cheer the dog up and help him deal with the stress.

The right attitude, love and care did their job. Gradually Laney became more and more like a dog.

The skin lesions began to heal and dark brown hair began to grow in their place.

Laney came to life and started acting like a puppy for the first time in his short life. After five months of serious illness, he regained his spirits.

And soon the dog was able to find a new home. Lauren’s friend Kelly took her.

She and her husband began keeping an online diary in which she chronicled the pup’s gradual recovery, which her adoptive family renamed Luna.

The dog became the sister of three pets, Kelly and Larry, who immediately adopted her into the pack.

Luna has a new and happy life that started thanks to a girl who decided to check out the Facebook page before Christmas.

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