A young carpenter builds warm and solid houses for the homeless: “I prevent them from freezing to death in winter”

The problem of world poverty and homeless cannot be solved on a whim by just anyone, but each of us can certainly make a real contribution to improving the living conditions of the most unfortunate.

A Canadian carpenter named Khaleel Seivwright, 28, decided to get personally involved in help the homeless in his city to get through the long, harsh winter. In Canada, the winter months do not give the homeless much of a chance of survival and it is essential to protect them from the snow and the cold. Thanks to a fundraising campaign, the young carpenter dreams of producing a series of perfectly insulated wooden houses for all who need it.


After collecting various wood scraps from each completed project, young Khaleel Seivwright designed his first cabin to house one of Toronto’s many homeless people. The design is very simple: a rectangular wooden box, but covered with fiberglass, in order tothermally insulate the shelter as much as possible.

Thanks to its design, a person survives inside the playhouse on their own body heat, even if it is -4 degrees outside. In addition, it is also equipped with wheels and is therefore transportable.

Each playhouse costs Khaleel about $1,000 and requires about eight hours of work. He started the project paying out of his own pocket, but once he finished and showcased the first house, he set up a fundraising page on GoFundMe so people around the world could contribute to the cause. Each shelter is delivered for free by Khaleel to anyone who lives on the street and needs it.

It’s definitely not a permanent solution, but it’s a good way to help those who will find themselves homeless when it gets several degrees below zero. The City of Toronto would prefer to increase the capacity of the shelters rather than using this type of mobile solution, which risks causing problems such as fires, for example.

Khaleel, however, intends to continue to create shelters for the good of his fellow citizens: “It’s just to make sure that people don’t die in the streets during the winter because of the cold.” And it is not little.

Here is the prototype of the small houses made by Khaleel

A good idea which, we hope, will continue to help the poorest people… Congratulations Khaleel!


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