A woman took in two 14-year-old cats to spend their old age being cared for and petted.

Seven months ago, two 14-year-old cats were brought to the veterinary center. Their owners had died and none of their relatives wanted to take care of them.

Both lived with their grandmother from a young age and looked a lot alike, but were unrelated. During their 14 years together, cats and kittens became inseparable. While the cat was affectionate and sociable, the kitten turned out to be very strict and hissed at strangers.

The veterinary clinic tried to find new foster families for them, but no one was ready to take in such old animals. In the end, they stayed put and were occasionally allowed out of their cage to roam around the room. But it certainly wasn’t the life they deserved.

Seven months later, one of the doctors at the clinic decided to contact Karin Poplin, head of a humanitarian organization that rescues disabled cats and finds homes for the elderly. Karin immediately agreed to bring the two elderly cats home from the clinic.

Mostly caged for seven months, the two cats were welcomed into their spacious and comfortable new home.

“They had been waiting for this for a very long time. The boy turned out to be a bit irritable.” It took her a little while to realize that she is safe here and that we are not all a threat to her”.

The young girl was only too happy to finally be able to stretch her old bones and walk.

“The girl is very friendly and can establish immediate contact with anyone. The boy growls and hisses, but luckily he doesn’t bite. He behaves a bit like a dog.”

To help the cat relax, the carrier has been placed in a calm and quiet place so that he can look around without spitting on people. The cat has become friendly.

The shelter has several older cats who can befriend them, and the volunteers also care for and cuddle the cats. Cats have already found pets that have begun to sit on their laps.

Although they are older and not as active as when they were younger, cats are still good companions and all deserve to spend their old age in a loving home with people who love them.

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