A woman sees a “black bag of garbage” near the freeway, then takes a closer look.

On the way to work, Shena likes to look at the blueberry fields along the highway. She says she often sees trash bags near the road and sometimes coyotes patrolling the area.

However, one day Shena, who declined to give her last name, saw what she later described as a particularly suspicious “black trash bag”.

She almost went straight, but turned around on a hunch. While walking along a busy road, she saw a large black dog hiding in a cranberry bush.

“And then,” Shena said, “I saw it.” His eyes opened and a wave of pure relief washed over him.

Shena approached the frightened dog very slowly so as not to startle him. She called for the puppy, but the noise from the highway made it almost inaudible. Shena realized the dog was injured. One of his legs seemed to hang at an odd angle. She thought she had to call for help as soon as possible, but the nervous dog, who was wary of people, ran away.

Shena says, “At one point he disappeared and I was very worried and freaked out.” I was worried that he would suffer from loneliness and fear because of his loss. I started looking row by row in the field.”

After what seemed like an eternity, Shena saw the girl again. She approached the dog cautiously and managed to get him out.

I was filled with joy, Shena said. I was so excited to be able to help her.”

Shena took the pup to the RAPS veterinary clinic, where vets got to work fixing her broken paw. Shena couldn’t say goodbye to her new friend and named him Myrtille, after the place they met.

A year after her discovery, Shena recorded a video of Myrtille’s rescue and recovery, which you can watch here.

“He’s also a real friend and he can be really funny,” Shena said, with her ridiculously funny voice when excited. He wants to get in the mood as soon as possible.”

According to Shena, “Blueberry showed me how loving, tolerant, and trustworthy dogs and animals can be when treated with love, kindness, respect, and compassion.” I am grateful to have met him.”

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