A woman meets a mouse and invites it to a small picnic

When Bridget Rose went to visit her parents the other day, she found there was another guest – and she felt like she was in her own home.

It was a little mouse looking for something to eat. Bridget’s parents wanted to get rid of it and expected the cat to do so. However, when Bridget noticed the animal during her stay, she decided to be more careful.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her to the field behind their house,” Bridget said.

The fact that she got rid of the little mouse safely is quite commendable. However, Bridget decided to go further.

Bridget said: “Especially since they must be used to eating all the human food in their parents’ cupboards.” That’s why I brought a farewell picnic.”

Brigid spread out a towel that would serve as a picnic blanket and arranged the food on it. The mice seemed to like it very much.

It was really good, Brigid said. She let me sit next to her for over an hour. She looked very happy.”

After some time, she found a place and took refuge. Before heading home, Bridgette left them some other goodies to cheer them up at the wildlife sanctuary.

“I have always loved animals. It’s so nice. She definitely made my day.”

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