A woman looking to adopt a new animal from a shelter finds a dog she lost more than two years ago

After losing all hope of finding her dog, Ms Nieves finally decided to get a new one. Even if he gets lost, he will eventually find his way home. Losing a pet is just as difficult as losing a family member. So it’s not hard to imagine that Aisha Nieves, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, lost her pit bull and Rottweiler mix, Cuervo.

But fate sometimes has a funny way of bringing two souls together. And beyond the humor, there is compassionate joy and gratitude. As soon as they met, they were crazy about each other. She also said that Cuvo was literally a man’s, or in her case, a woman’s, best friend.

However, that all changed when an accident happened on his property. A car crashes into the fence of his house. The driver drives off, leaving a large hole in the fence. When Ms. Nieves came home from work that evening, she noticed something unusual. Cuervo didn’t greet her with kisses and hugs.

She was emotional, as she was also four months pregnant with her son at the time. When her best friend disappeared and she came home, it really broke her heart. She told Newsweek that the stress of it all fills her up. I couldn’t help but think the worst, that someone had kidnapped Kubo. Days, weeks and months passed and Kubo was still missing.

Months and years eventually turned into years, and that was a big deal. Nieves had no choice but to move on. For a moment, she thought she could get Cuvo back by contacting the local adoption agency.

She was convinced the dog was her best friend, but when she inquired about him, the shelter told her that “Asher” had already been adopted, much to her chagrin.

Having lost all hope of finding her dog, Mrs Nieves finally decided to adopt a new one. However, while searching, she saw a blackened pit bull – a Rottweiler. Her heart almost skipped a beat. Could it be this one? She demanded the dog and, conversely, the adoption fee and a photo of the coveted dog to prove it was hers.

As soon as she met him at the shelter, Kovu wagged his tail in expectation and excitement. The family that initially took Kovu in apparently had financial problems and he was sent back to the shelter.

Cuervo then celebrated his seventh birthday with his real family. Nieves promised himself that he would never lose his best friend again.

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