A woman granted her mother’s last wish and surprised her with a real Bambi

We all have dreams and desires. They can involve life-changing goals or even small things like getting an item you’ve been looking at for a while.

An old woman wanted to see a deer for the last time. It was a heartwarming wish that they didn’t think was possible without her daughter pulling all the strings she could to make it happen.

The old woman was very sick and they didn’t know how long she had. Her daughter, Lisa, had revealed that deer are very dear creatures to her, but it was difficult trying to find one in the first place and ultimately give it to her.

Eventually, it was the girl’s efforts and intentions that convinced the deer owners she found to help her. They have long hunted out of kindness to help Lisa make her mother happy.

Bamƅi was the film that had fascinated Lisa’s mother. It’s a Disney movie involving a fawn that doesn’t get the best start in life when he and his mother run away from a hunter. He then continues to navigate life with friends he meets along the way.

The film had a major impact on the life of Lisa McDonald’s mother. She had souvenirs and goods like clothes that carried Bamƅi. That’s how much she loved him.

When she fell ill, Lisa and her sister did their best to take care of her, but their mother’s health was slowly deteriorating. One day, their mother revealed that one of her last wishes was to see a deer again.

This is what she told in her post on the group Faceƅook, The Kindness Pandemic. She even shared that their nurse uniforms, as they affectionately called them, are Bamƅi shirts worn by other people who support her as well.

Lisa had been trying to figure out a way to get a deer to the hospital where her mother was. Getting a deer anywhere was hard enough, so it was going to take more effort.

Fortunately, she came across a moƅile farmhouse in Melƅourne that belonged to Simone and Chris. Lisa discovered that they owned a deer and most importantly, the deer was coincidentally called “Bamƅi”.

Once they heard how badly Lisa’s mother was deteriorating, they drove for two and a half hours to the hospital.
It was all worth it when they saw Lisa’s mother’s genuine surprise and happiness when they walked in with the deer. It was heartwarming to see how she gently stroked the animal and cherished the fulfillment of her wish.

Lisa thanked everyone who showed their support, especially the couple who did much of their surprise for her mother. In the end, when her mother passed away, they presented them with a coffin designed by Bamƅi that commemorated what she loved.

This is when the surprise happened

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