A woman fed a stray cat, then took her in with her kittens.

One day, Toby, a colorful cat, appeared on Vanessa’s doorstep, meowing pitifully and asking to be fed.

However, she was very cautious and scared and wouldn’t let Vanessa near her, and only started eating after the woman walked away.

After a while Vanessa noticed the cat had a swollen belly and then (it was September 1st) the cat stopped coming.

She came back, and her big belly was gone. Vanessa realized she had kittens somewhere, that cold nights were coming soon.

Vanessa decided to approach and follow where the kittens might be in order to gain her trust.

“They were very hungry and eating, then purring and asking for food again. I was happy that he came to me and needed my help.”

However, it took a whole week for the animal to finally trust him. Now he no longer runs away when Vanessa approaches him.

One day I started petting him while he ate and he became even more confident,” Vanessa says.

Vanessa followed carefully and led her straight to her own nest, hidden in a fence behind an old car tire. The cat gave birth to four cubs.

When the kittens grew up, the cat started dragging them to their new home, and Vanessa knew it was time to step in.

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