A wild rhinoceros approached the photographer to get rubbed. He took amazing and beautiful photos of this creature.

A wild rhino walks up to the photographer, who rubs it up and takes some great shots.

Wildlife photography is one of the most liberating and amazing professions. Fighting wildlife can be a real challenge.

Then, in South Africa, a photojournalist from Texas, Gareth de Bruyn, had a magical encounter with a charming rhinoceros.

Nature is unique and beautiful, and every element that composes it is fantastically beautiful.

At first I was too surprised to do anything, but I kept working and this process took hours.

A videographer noticed a young man approaching and filmed a short documentary about rhinos in the wild.

The man was terrified and refused to move so as not to frighten the creature.

But he soon realized that this curious creature was just waiting to be rubbed. And that was exactly the pleasure the giant gave him.

All animals are beautiful and deserve to be loved. They would hurt the humans if they did that first.

The incredible moment was caught on camera and the man posted it on his Instagram. It was really amazing.

They behaved like they were comfortable with each other and the photos are so amazing and beautiful.

It was a unique opportunity for a photojournalist to capture this beautiful and amazing work.

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