A stray golden retriever with a bun between its teeth has won the hearts of rescuers.

Ayberk Ayyar who loves dogs and takes care of stray animals, took a touching photo of a golden retriever with a dried sandwich between his teeth in central Anatolia.

Ayberk also tried to ask locals about the dog, but found it had been hanging around for at least two weeks and no one knew how it got lost.

The poor retriever was very hungry, but could only find a small piece of old bread, which he did not dare to eat immediately for fear of being picked up by another dog, and so he took away in a safe place.

“Everyone knew that this dog would eventually starve to death or come into contact with other dogs. Golden Retrievers are not suited for this life. They are friendly and quarrelsome dogs. And I sat for a long time thinking, “I have to do everything I can to save this dog.”

Rescuers went to where the retriever had been shot, but sadly the dog was no longer there. They then began asking locals where the dog was.

“A lot of people found out the dog was with a man, who saw him take the dog and try to sell it,” said GR, who was also part of the rescue team.

The rescue team determined that the man was trying to sell the pedigree dog (which turned out to be female) to an illegal kennel, where he was using her to breed the retriever to exhaustion. They continued their research by traveling through local villages and interviewing locals.

Eventually they succeeded. A person gave them the name of the place where the dog was being kept. It turned out to be a dirty barn.

“It’s dark and stuffy and the dog sitting next to me doesn’t even have a water bowl.”

The volunteer who rescued the dog from the shed couldn’t let go of him and clung to him. The woman named the dog Harper.

In the video, she says in Turkish: “You are safe now, you are safe”. The more bad people there are,” says Tracey Benk.

Harper seemed to know what she was saying. She quickly relaxed and calmed down.

“She was very sweet. She immediately started licking and cuddling. Very unusual for a stray dog.”

Last weekend, Tracy Benk and her husband went to the airport to meet Harper, who had transferred from San Francisco.

“He is adorable. Everyone who meets him is amazed to see that he is still so kind and loving, to the point that it’s hard to believe he was a stray dog.

However, there was still something about Harper’s behavior that gave him the bitter taste of a rogue life. She was very suspicious of anyone who offered her food. She dared not approach the bowl offered and was afraid to start eating when there were people around.

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