A Stray Dog Tried 5 Times To Steal This Stuffed Unicorn From A Store

But Sis, a stray dog, knows she wouldn’t feel so alone if she could be soothed by a purple, fluffy unicorn. Sis wants that stuffed animal more than anything. Even if it means stealing it. Last week, Sis broke into a general’s home in North Carolina five times in an attempt to steal the unicorn toy.

Each time, however, an employee found him, took the toys away from him, and put them back on the shelf. When it became clear that Sis didn’t want to give up, Dollar General employees called Duplin County Animal Services for help. Sis the dog stole the toy.

Duplin County Animal Services Manager Joe Newburn said: We received a call from the communications center advising that Sis had entered Dollar General and taken a unicorn, which she repeated five times. When the officer came and found out he really wanted the unicorn, she bought it.

For Samantha Lane, animal control officer, buying the toy seemed like the right thing to do. She bought the unicorn only because it was her job, Newburn said. All the animals she comes into contact with do so for her. Nobody knows why Sisu is so obsessed with unicorns. However, Sisu likely associates unicorns with her birthplace. This one-year-old dog finally got his dream toy and he can’t let go.

He’s still with that thing, Newbern said. The only times he doesn’t do damage is when he gets dirty. But when I cleaned it up, it became my friend again. Dogs steal toys from Dollar General after a fight. Sis is on her way with her unicorn to a lab rescue center in North Carolina, where she will receive help to improve her aggression towards other male dogs. Then, once released, they will return to their forever home.

He’s a very good dog, says Newbern. He loves to play and he is very smart. He sits down, stays and shakes hands. He is very well cared for. Those lucky enough to own a Sisu have two good friends for the price of one.

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