A stray cat entered the house to give birth, and the owner kept the mother and her kittens.

The story began last summer when a stray cat strayed into a London mansion and changed his life and that of his master forever.

He had been boarded at the home of independent British director Paris Zarsila. He woke up one morning in his London home and was surprised to find a strange black and white cat under his bed.

What’s more, the animal was not alone, but had 4 kittens lying next to him.

That day, Zarsila whispered: “It looks like I can call myself a father”.

He contacted a local animal shelter. They advised him on how to feed the kittens.

Since then, Zarsila has hardly tweeted anything except for a photo of the cubs and her husband’s words that the cubs are very cute and bring her joy.

With each passing day, her attachment to the babies and their mother cat grows. He himself did not expect the little ones to have such an impact on him.

The vet discovered he had no microchip, and Mrs. Zarsila duly acknowledged it was her cat. She called the little Forever.

At first she wanted to give them to a friend, but she couldn’t. The cat and her four kittens therefore still live at home.

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