A Seemingly Stray Dog Runs After The Car Of This Family Who Adopts Him

A moving video shows a dog running several miles behind a family’s car. Fortunately, he came across people with a big heart, but the story didn’t end there.

A viral video on TikTok has affected many people around the world. Hundreds of thousands of internet users were moved to see this cute dog doing everything in his power in the hope, apparently, of being pampered by a family.

The scene took place in El Salvador, where a family came driving their car. According to the user who shared the video, she and her family were on their way to the town of Chalatenango.


The family were quietly settled in the car when they suddenly realized they were being followed, but not by a person – but by an adorable, cuddly dog.

Convinced that the dog had been abandoned, they immediately became concerned about his state of health and, touched by the fact that the little dog had run so far, and had followed them for several kilometers, they decided to adopt him.

The children of the family were over the moon and it looked like a wonderful story. But the dog actually already had a loving home. The adorable animal, very cuddly and playful, was therefore brought back to his real family who missed him a lot.

Below you can see how the dog was chasing the family. Many would have thought he needed a home, but no. If you see a dog in this situation, ask neighbors, area vets, shelters because maybe your pet crush already has a loving family!

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