A scared puppy asks a caring woman to take him home after surviving a shelter fire.

When Jacqueline Colette answered the request for a local dog shelter, she thought it would be difficult to choose between dozens of puppies who desperately needed homes. She had no idea that the right puppy would choose her.

Volunteers were shocked when they saw 7-month-old Donut, whom they called Cinnamon, reaching through the bars of the cage. They told Jacqueline that the frightened pup showed no affection during the 11 days he was there.

And then he was told the traumatic story of the Donuts shelter.

Donut emerged from the shelter fire unscathed, but contracted parvo soon after. So the volunteers sent him to the Austin Pets Alive Parvo Response Unit.

A week after Donut arrived at his new haven, a sewer line burst and the parvo unit was completely flooded. All of the dogs at the shelter — including Donut, who had just received treatment for parvo — were moved to outdoor kennels.

Jacqueline then completed the foster dog paperwork and left with her new foster pup, excited for their new chapter together.

On the way home, Jacqueline noticed that Donut was nervous. He was shaking, with his ears back and his tail tucked under his head.

But when a sudden thunderstorm forced Jacqueline to turn on the wipers, the dog stopped shaking and followed the wipers back and forth with his head for the rest of the trip.

Donut’s first day at home was marked by a full bath to eliminate the smell of feces and the opportunity to run in Jacqueline’s garden. During the bath, Jacqueline noticed that Donut had become more affectionate and more discreet.

Donut’s ears perked up when she first ran into her new yard, but she quickly hid when she realized she was being watched.

That night, Donut explained that she still didn’t like the idea of ​​sleeping at home. “She tried very hard to sleep in the yard,” says Jacqueline. Jacqueline took a large blanket and lay in the yard with Donut for over an hour.

Just three days after bringing Donut home, Jacqueline decided that Donut was hers forever.

Two months have passed since Jacqueline brought Donut home and this sweet pup is still coming out of her shell.

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