A sad herd of elephants gathers to pay their last respects to their deceased leader.

Elephants are known for their remarkable social relationships, which set them apart from other wild animals. Elephants put their families and matriarchs above all else and fiercely protect the young in their herds (as they should). When the leader of the elephants die, the story is told in a way even humans find it hard to understand.

Unfortunately, the elephant died after an argument with another herd rival. The unfortunate incident took place in Anuradhapura, near Kalawewa Game Reserve, Sri Lanka.

What surprised everyone, however, was the large number of elephants that went to pay homage to the one who was once their leader.

A camera rolling along the shores of a lake in Sri Lanka captured at least a dozen elephants mourning their king and the environment. The mourning will continue for several days.

Relatively few animal species are able to express their feelings. Elephants, dolphins and chimpanzees are the only animals on this short list. When another species is sick or in distress, these creatures show incredible compassion!

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