A rescued pup is sad at the shelter – watch his reaction when he meets the firefighter who rescued him.

No matter how many stories you read, no matter how many examples you see on the internet, you can never ever understand how and why people let their dogs die.

To own a dog is to have the chance to have a lifelong connection with a living being who only asks to be by your side, to please you and to protect you.

However, there are countless people who, for one reason or another, are consciously allowed to give up their beloved dog. Chunky, a puppy who was abandoned in the rain.

Fortunately, he was found by firefighter Mike Tooley of the Sacramento Fire Department in California. Mike found him sick and weak, tied to a post in the rain and left for dead.

Unable to leave her alone, Mike cleaned him up and took him to the Front Street Animal Shelter, where he was examined by medical staff.

It was discovered that Chunky had scabies and had a bad skin condition. However, the shelter staff immediately started treating his illness and dressed him in warm clothes to protect his skin.

Chunky was relieved to have been rescued and it was clear to all that he had formed a strong bond with his rescuer.

However, the following day, firefighter Mike visited the shelter again and someone filmed the touching scene. You can watch it below.

Soon after, Mike was able to welcome Chucky into the family. To a new life for both!

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