A rare encounter: a large manta ray approaches a diver for help

The animal world has more than once given us precious moments that are hard to believe. It turns out that animals are way smarter than people think. Although they cannot communicate verbally, they are nonetheless capable of asking caring humans for help. This disturbed marine animal behaved like that!

Once a huge manta ray approached a group of divers. For Jake Wilton and his friends, manta rays are a very common sight, as they all like to dive. However, they have never experienced anything like this, although they have had many encounters with these majestic creatures.

The gang were swimming in Australian seas near Ningaloo when they spotted a manta ray swimming too close. However, Wilton quickly realized that the huge monster was actually looking for help, and the guy happily agreed to provide it. It turned out that the unfortunate creature’s body was strewn with hooks, some of which were inches from its eyes.

“We were very lucky to have seen the manta early on and quietly slipped into the water to spend time with it,” said Monty Halls, one of the divers.

Fortunately, he removed the hooks and the manta quietly settled on the bottom and stayed with them for a while. It was a fantastic half hour or so, and such a clear illustration that these animals have intelligence, confidence, and a strong connection to people who treat them with respect.

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