A pregnant foster dog is photographed in maternity and she is absolutely radiant

Meet Coco, a rescue beagle whose personality is as big as her pregnant belly.

Once used for herding, Coco suddenly found herself in need of a home at the height of her pregnancy. That’s when Homeward Trails Animal Rescue came to the rescue.

“Although a bit shy at first, when she came into her foster home, she became lively, loving, playful and clearly wanting to be part of the family,” Rescue CEO Sue Bell told The Dodo.

Coco was placed with her adoptive mother, Carrie Smith, to help her through her pregnancy. Smith immediately noticed the pregnant pup was hilariously expressive and photogenic.

Naturally, this required pregnancy photos. And Coco’s adoptive mother was more than happy to oblige.

“Coco asked for a glamorous maternity photoshoot,” Smith wrote in a Facebook post. “I promised her it was her last litter and she wouldn’t have to go through that again. He is such a soldier.

“Her amazing adoptive mother decided to photograph her giant hippo belly in a few photos,” Bell said. “It turned into a real photo shoot to mimic what human mothers do.”

After giving birth to nine healthy puppies, Coco was moved to a new foster home while she recovered.

“She was such an easygoing girl and the sweetest woman that let me hold her like a baby,” Smith wrote on Facebook.

Fortunately, Coco is going through all of this for the last time, which will make pregnancy photos even more special.

“She is such a caring mother and such a sweet demeanor,” Smith wrote. “Plus, she loves jumping around the yard during the few minutes she’s away from her puppies each day.”

Soon Coco and her puppies will be looking for their forever home where they will receive the love they deserve.

Although Coco no longer does maternity shoots, she is sure to be a great addition to any family photoshoot.

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