A police officer risks his life to save a sick bear cub left behind by his family.

This is the moment a police chief risked his safety to ensure the life of a sick and helpless bear cub who was left behind.

Thomas Owens saw his fair share of black bears while working as a state trooper in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest.

He was always taught to keep his distance from black bears, especially protective mothers, but this time it was different.

After spotting a family walking, he noticed that one of the cubs was having trouble keeping up with his family and knew he had to intervene.

He watched the mother lead her little ones across the road to encourage the sick little one to follow them.

Despite this, the little one struggled and finally decided to sit down and rest, right in the middle of the road.

Initially, the mama bear tried to pick him up and follow her and her family, but after a few unsuccessful attempts, it seemed the cub was too weak to stand.
So Mama Bear had a tough choice and ended up taking her other three healthy cubs, leaving the poor weak cub to fend for herself.

Thomas knew he couldn’t just go out and pick up the little cub for fear the mother would come back and attack him, so he called for help.

Thomas stayed with the cub until New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Services arrived.

When they finally arrived, the team decided to take the helpless little one to the local rehab center for an inspection.

Shortly after the whole incident, Thomas discovered that the mama bear actually had 5 cubs, and this was the second one she chose to give up due to her weakness.

Luckily, New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife officials found the cub before it was too late and brought him to join his brother at the rehab facility.

The couple stayed at the rehabilitation center until they recovered from their illnesses and were strong enough to be released into the wild.

Thanks to the actions of Officer Thomas Owens, the cubs were given another chance at life.

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