A photographer gave up her career to live with a hundred sick dogs in the woods – photo

Daria Pushkareva had a successful career in Moscow, but she was workaholic and unhappy. But everything changed when this young girl gave her time and money to help animals in need.

“I was one of the five most requested wedding photographers in Moscow,” says Daria. Most of my clients were businessmen and politicians. Before I started shooting, I had been shooting movies and TV series for six years, which I’m very proud of. But working two weeks in a row, 15 hours a day, without a break, is exhausting. To lighten this burden, I took up photography. I put all my money into my camera and my studio. But in the end, it’s the same thing. There are no holidays.”

“It took me a long time to get my first dog. When I was still making movies, I helped many animals through donations and volunteering.”

“I once saw a submission for an eyeless puppy at an animal shelter. I had to go to an ophthalmologist. There is no one who can do that now.” I then joined my husband. We exchanged a look and I said, “We can do it ourselves.” Then everything became simple and clear. The owner of the shelter handed me a fluffy, flea-eaten pimpernel and asked if it was a puppy.

Soon the couple were housing one dog after another.” My wife and I wanted to have a seventh dog. One in such poor condition that no one wanted it. We didn’t find one in Moscow, but we found one in Krasnodar. When I saw her in the online catalog, I immediately felt her eyes looking straight at me. I brought the seven month old puppy home and he immediately started biting the six calm dogs. The night fights wouldn’t stop, so I took her to a trainer. However, that didn’t help. The puppies were crying, making a mess in the apartment and even being aggressive towards us. We found out he had head trauma and migraines.

But I don’t see our farm as a refuge. Even the name makes me uneasy. An animal sanctuary is a place where new volunteers and other people help animals that constantly come and go. They are part of our family.

I finally realize that I am not wasting my life, but using my time in a meaningful way. I help animals and I really like it. I know I can take care of them, but when I give them to others, I worry about whether I will have enough freedom, food and love.”

It’s been four years since we moved here and we already have hot water and toilets. After all, we spend money on animals and money is never enough for human comfort. But we don’t need so many things to be happy.”

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