A pensioner came to the rescue of a herd of elephants and they did not forget. When He Got Very Weak, The Animals Came To Say Goodbye

In 1999, a man was unafraid to come to the rescue of a herd of wild elephants in South Africa — the animals were considered too unpredictable and even local rangers wouldn’t approach them. After many years, when the pensioner was already completely weakened, all the elephants in this herd remembered him and came to say goodbye.

Lawrence Anthony was an active nature conservationist. He became famous around the world under the nickname “Elephant Charmer” because he understood these animals better than others. So, in 1999, he soon realized that the group, caught in the quagmire, wouldn’t let a man in — elephants need time to share their personal space.

At that time, man was patiently waiting for the elephants to get used to it. He carried them food, and then, one by one, he led the whole herd from the mire to the hard ground. Naturally, the elephants rushed off on their business, but Lawrence returned to his wildlife protection work.

Years later, Lawrence weakens completely. He led the lifestyle of a retiree in a house on the outskirts of the reservation. In one of the last days, the relatives of the pensioner saw near the window a whole herd of elephants — 31 animals passed 12 kilometers, then almost two days in search of a home on the territory of the reserve.

Farewell to an old friend has been delayed for the following day. Then the elephants are gone, this time forever:

On the life of a conservationist, an entire film was shot:

The Anthony Lawrence case is being prosecuted by his brother. He dreams of finding the elephants that have come to the house.

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