A New York couple rescued two kittens from the freeze, and a year later and their mother

The story happened last winter when New Yorker Renee Becerra saw a homeless cat outside her apartment window.

After some time the same cat visited the woman; but this time with her 3 babies

The cat obviously chose this place because there was less wind.

Renee has been feeding the local street cats for a long time and now she’s started thinking how to help the new neighbor and her babies before the really low temperatures come.

She organized around the tree a temporary covering of boards against the wind and began to feed the cat and kittens.

What is terrifying the smallest kitten was very weak and he died: After the incident the woman decided to find a shelter for the little creatures

Renée and Nathaniel managed to shelter these two kittens and quickly found the owners, but the plight of the mother-cat all winter still bothered them.

And suddenly, in the fall of 2018, Renée saw this same cat under her window. And again she failed to catch it, the cat immediately ran away. Taught to survive on the streets, this cat understood perfectly that it was desirable to stay away from people.

But when a few days ago New York was caught in severe frosts and everything around was flooded with snow, this cat came back under the window! The Striped Wanderer probably remembered this place as an excellent refuge from snow and wind, and yet there was food.

And this time the cat did not avoid people (Nathaniel was in the apartment), but as if asking for help. At the sight of Nathaniel in the room, she got up on her hind legs and began scratching the summer net of bugs on the window.

The cat was without kittens and the tip of one ear was cut off. For Nathaniel, who also volunteered at a shelter in his spare time, that meant the cat had gone through the stray animal spaying program during that year.

When Nathaniel opened the window, the cat immediately jumped into his room, as if he had never escaped people. Nathaniel gave it the name chunk chunk.

“She was freaked out by the heavy snowfall and wanted to get warm quickly,” the guy says, “I put her in the bathroom and she immediately came to her senses and calmed down. She was very balanced and wanted to be stroked and loved.”

Nathaniel immediately called Rene and said last year’s fugitive was now sitting in their apartment. The girl was very happy with the good news.

“When I walked into the bathroom she first hid behind the toilet, but when I started petting her she seemed to recognize me and started purring. And then she got on my lap. Later we released her in the apartment and she went around all the rooms.

After Rene and Nathaniel took the cat for a checkup at the vet and he said he was fine, they decided to leave chunk chunk at their house for good, rather than give him away.

“I now most often call her Love Bug (“The Love Bug”) because she’s incredibly sweet and sweet. And she meows very softly and modestly when she wants a lot of attention,” says Renée.

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