A moving moment when veterinarians save a mother elephant thanks to cardiopulmonary resuscitation under the worried gaze of her calf.

It was touching to watch the baby elephants watch helplessly as the veterinarians revive their unconscious mother. Two people have been rescued after falling into a 7m deep hole during a storm in Thailand. A team of vets and volunteers worked together energetically to save the lives of the elephants. The spectacular rescue was filmed.

A 10-year-old female elephant and her calf were trapped in a drainage pit after slipping in the mud following heavy rains in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand. Rangers attempted to free the female calf, but rescue was impossible as the mother cow remained behind.

A team of vets were called and tried to calm the mother down by “administering three doses of sedatives”. The rescue was made even more dramatic when the woman hit her head and lost consciousness. With her life in danger, rescuers pulled out a giant elephant to try and resuscitate her.

“We gave the mother three doses of sedatives because we couldn’t get near the baby while he was still alive.” said the National Parks Department official. But before passing out, she walked over to the baby and hit him on the head.”

Rescuers eventually managed to extract the mother elephant using a quarry machine and then performed a PCR test on her in an attempt to save her life. Meanwhile, the baby got out of the cave and immediately started drinking milk, much to the rescuers’ relief.

The cub is shown in this impressive video as three rescuers frantically jump onto the mother’s chest and try to wake her, while the mother lies unconscious on the ground. Fortunately, their efforts were rewarded and the mother regained consciousness and was reunited with her suffering baby.

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