A man saw a wolf in a ditch, when he approached he saw that there was something wrong with his paw

Immediately after the collision with the car, the wolf tried to crawl to a nearby ditch. The impact immobilized his hind legs and he had no choice but to starve to death. But that wasn’t the end of the story: there was a man in the way. This wolf must have been terrified, because he couldn’t believe that someone was going to save him.

Unlike other species, Arabian wolves from Israel and Yemen live in small packs. Nature did not give them large bodies and they look more like small dogs. They are hated by local farmers as they often invade fields and eat livestock for lack of food.

If a wolf runs down a country road, it’s no wonder drivers don’t notice it.

The wolf, very sore from his wounds, struggled on the side of the road. In his condition, he had no choice but to wait for death.

The wolf was luckily spotted by another driver and taken to a vet. The doctor named him Orile. X-rays revealed a large fracture in his hind leg.

Oriel was immediately carried to the operating table, anesthetized and put in a cast. It was the beginning of his road to recovery.

He was placed in an animal shelter while he was rehabilitated. Four months later, his legs were completely healed and it was finally decided to release him.

The wolf cage was loaded into a car and Ollie was terrified, not knowing that he would soon be released again.

Upon arrival, shelter staff opened the cage and began to wait for the wolf to come out. At first he didn’t answer. After all this time, any hope of returning to his homeland had been completely abandoned.

After a while, however, he jumped out of the cage. He kept running, enjoying his freedom and his healthy legs again. Auriol, many happy years. Clinic staff must be respected. All animals have the right to life.

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