A man saves and raises a swan chick, the adult bird refuses to fly away from him

Rock Adamson saw an injured guinea pig. The man took him home because he thought he would not survive in the wild. Ashoka took care of the child and the man even took him to work to occupy him. The child and the man sleep in the same bed and they go hiking, boating and shopping together. The man named the swan Sydney.

Sydney quickly became part of Rob’s family. The chihuahua fell in love with him and played and slept with him during the day.

Eventually the chick got stronger and grew into a teenager. Rob was determined to return the bird to the wild and find him a mate.

As a result, Sydney was taken to the Humane Society where experts worked for three months to acclimatize the chick, but it refused to return to the wild.

A volunteer contacted Rob to tell him that his friend was very sad, he was not eating well, he did not like the contact and he was not ready to be released into the wild.

Rob was also very sad and worried. He was very happy when he was allowed to take the puppies with him. Rob’s dog also missed his feathered playmate.

This bird has found a family. Such is the loyalty of swans.

Now Rob and Sydney are back together. They are true friends, they love hiking and walking and are looking for new adventures.

What a wonderful family they are.

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