A man is filmed comforting a cow after she lost her calf.

Here is a touching moment when a stranger came to comfort an injured cow. The poor cow, who had just lost a child in childbirth, was sitting alone in the grass when a kind-hearted man saw her and came to show her his love. His wife captured this heartwarming moment on camera!

Benjamin Tipps, from Boger, Texas, was driving to visit his mother-in-law when he came across this sad animal. He was with his wife when he saw the cow lying in the grass. Unfortunately, the young cow did not follow her schedule and after being confined for several days, she was unable to bring her calf back to life. Exhausted and distraught, the mother sought consolation.

The man jumped a roadside barrier, stood next to the cows and stayed with them for a while!

“She was heartbroken and devastated. She was tired of giving birth,” Kayla said.

Benjamin stayed with the cow for several minutes, comforting her. The cow, which belonged to a neighbor of Kyla’s mother, was pregnant for the second time, but no one thought there would be any problems at birth, as the first calf, born a year earlier, was also pregnant. healthy and in very good condition. But unfortunately, tragedy struck. Nevertheless, the mother cow is now recovering.

Someone wrote online about the photo: “On Mother’s Day, a man from Texas comforted this cow who had lost her calf by laying down next to her.”

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