A lonely beagle stumbles upon an orphaned baby opossum in his garden and decides to adopt him.

We have witnessed friendships between animals of all species. And one thing is for sure: when it comes to helping and comforting those in need, nothing beats the gentle soul of a dog. These angels that we call dogs are not only man’s best friend, but possibly anyone’s best companion as well.

Molly, a sweet beagle from Australia, didn’t have the best of times, having lost her puppies at birth, which left her deeply traumatized. Deeply traumatized by the loss of her puppy shortly after birth, Molly had never felt so alone in her grief and depression. But all of that is about to change when she meets Possy, an orphaned baby opossum.

The lonely pup was hanging out in the garden when she tripped over the little animal. The poor little creature was so scared and confused. He probably lost his mother and fell out of the tree to get there. But when he saw Molly, the little being immediately jumped on his back and thought it was his mother. Meanwhile, the dog happily hugged her. From then on, they became inseparable.

It’s heartwarming to see two very different animals finding solace in each other in this way. While Posu comforts her adoptive mother who lost her baby, Molly shows her baby what it means to love a mother who holds and cares for him every day.

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