A little puppy has become a real support for an 11-year-old blind dog

Sometimes animals can be true and loyal friends to each other. And this story is a great example of that. We wanted to share it with you because it contains so much kindness.

Charlie’s hound is now 11 years old. He had to have his eyeballs removed because he was sick.

He sits on the sofa all day, never goes out or eats. The owners were very worried about their dog and decided to find him a friend, a hunting dog named Maverick.

At first, Charney was reluctant to meet his new companion, but they became friends.

One day, Maverick realized that his friend was a bit special because he constantly lost his toys and couldn’t find them.

Charney became his guide and Charney couldn’t resist, he became active and happy again and now they can walk around the yard together.

Somehow the owners posted the photo on their Instagram page and the dogs ended up gaining attention online, already having over 50,000 followers.

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