A keen photographer took incredible snaps of a pod of whales sleeping upright

Have you ever imagined investigating marine life? Believe it, it’s really awesome with its mysterious and amazing flora and fauna. And who is the most wonderful and powerful creature that dwells there! — of course, it’s the whale, the amazing giant, with whom it would be an unforgettable experience to meet.

Wildlife photographer Franco Banfi managed to not only see but also capture the incredible moments of encountering these fantastical creatures. And what was most interesting! Sperm whales slept upright. It was something rare and admirable.

The impressive type of whale was only caught sleeping in 2008 for the first time. And then, during their observations, scientists from Great Britain and Japan came across such a lovely group of animals that were motionless in the water in an upright position.

It was truly shocking for the team to appear among their herd. And they couldn’t do anything but memorize the special and unique scene in life. Diver Sabrina Belloni was the model in these adorable photos with the fantastic sperm whales.

The massive creature looks so imposing and magnificent next to humans. These stunning photos will always remain wonderful memories for explorers.

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