A horse and a puppy that longs to ride on its back create a remarkable bond.

A horse and a puppy that has learned to love riding on its back form a wonderful heart.

Dally the puppy and Swanky the miniature pony make a wonderful pair of friends who embody a real and strong partnership.

When farm life took hold, the ponies were trained without fail.

In the end, however, no one could find a way to come into contact with the unusual nature of the animal. Plus, they have to move the puppy, Dally, onto their backs.

Farmer Francesca Carson prepares the pony for the riders.

Francesca plans to produce an entire film about the amazing inter-species relationships of animals.

At the same time, she runs an Instagram channel practically dedicated to cats, which has gained a large fan base.

The animals have been friends for eight years.

According to Carson, they have been husband and wife for a long time and can no longer imagine life without each other.

An unruly horse was too much for her to handle.

It was Dally who saved the day. She jumped on Swanky’s back. Since then, they spend most of their time together.

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