A hidden camera captures a wolf cuddling her cub to get him back to sleep.

When Trumpet, a gray wolf from Mexico, gave birth to her first cub, no one could have predicted what kind of mother she would become.

Trumpet was born as part of a recovery program for the Mexican gray wolf (known as “Lobo”), an endangered species. But that’s not the only thing that made Trumpet special.

Maggie Howell said: “She was an only child, which was strange for a wolf.” She was a bit of an anomaly, as they are usually made up of four to six children.”

In 2018, when Trumpet was two, she was introduced to Lighthawk, and they quickly became friends; as the breeding season approached, in April and May, Trumpet became pregnant.

Trumpet proved she was a loving mother by giving birth to three little puppies. A webcam set up in the den showed Trumpet grooming, cleaning and cuddling the puppies.

When the puppies were restless, she would snuggle up to them and put them to sleep, seemingly with endless patience.

This private moment, caught on camera, touched the hearts of everyone who watched the wolf conservation center webcam.

According to Howell: “It shows that the love between a mother and her calf extends to all species.” Here is a tender moment when this Mexican gray wolf, wild and beautiful as an adult, fully embraces this sweet boy.” “I just think that’s the most comforting thing.”

“This moment is special because you don’t get to see it,” she adds.

Howell says, “It’s common for wolves to find a yearling to help them when they have an older litter.” Not only do they help parents, but they also pass on skills and traditions that are unique to that family.”

Howell explains, “They’re very similar to humans in that they play and growl and howl, which can be fun and purposeful, but they also want to reaffirm family ties.” Wolves love each other, but also because they have to cooperate.” “Cooperation is what allows them to succeed in the wild.”

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