A heroic dog saves his master’s life by opening the door to doctors

The dog’s handler, Gary Gregory, 33, from Philipstow, Suffolk, suddenly fell ill. When he was able to call an emergency, he collapsed and passed out. It later transpired that Gary had had his gallbladder endoscopy in hospital the previous day for gallstones and felt unwell after returning home. The next morning, he began an internal bleeding procedure and as a result lost all consciousness.

When the ambulance came, the door was locked and the doctor could not enter. However, they heard a large dog jumping up just outside the front door and at first thought he was aggressive and wanted to intimidate them. In fact, when the doctors approached the front door, Megan, a Rottweiler, spotted him and jumped out. She ran to the front door, turned the handle and started to open it. In fact, Gary and his friend Sean had already taught Megan to push the doorknob to the side of the house, in case she ever forgot the key in the house.

The other dogs were a black Labrador called Heidi and a pug called Hugo. When Gary lost consciousness, Heidi and Hugo tried to revive him by licking the man’s face. Megan repeatedly jumped on the door and eventually pushed the handle to let the paramedics in. It seems that if the paramedics had arrived a little later, the man could have died of severe internal bleeding. I thought the dog was jumping on the door to scare him, but he was actually trying to get people in. Megan knew I was in big trouble, Gary later told Gregory. I was shocked when I realized it was too late to call the police and ask them to break down the door.

After falling to the ground, Gary regained consciousness several times but was unable to get up due to lack of strength. He remembers saying I love you to his friend Sean on the phone and his dogs, Heidi and Hugo, licking his face. When he woke up, he remembered he was in the hospital. Rottweilers are often reviled, but Megan is still a gentle giant. I am very grateful to him. There is no doubt that she saved my life.

Doctors found that Gary had negligently undergone endoscopic surgery. Doctors were able to stop the bleeding and the man is now awaiting surgery to remove the gallstones.

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