A hero pit bull fights a shark to save his human’s life

Three weeks later, the bite marks from the shark that attacked James White were still visible on his leg. The first time I said that to someone, they told me. You’re crazy, it’s not possible. So I showed him the pictures and said, No, it definitely happened. He left his one-year-old, 220-pound pit bull, Darby, in his car parked a few yards away because he was too close to the road and didn’t want his dog too close to traffic. White finally felt a noticeable pull in his fishing line. Anything on the edge of it, he couldn’t cross it.

It was about 10 minutes, he said. “The only way I thought I could get the line back was if it swam towards me. It was only when he brought the fish into shallow waters that he realized what he had caught – it was a shark 2.5 meters tall and weighing 17 kilograms. The shark flipped and fell to the ground, its teeth hitting White’s ankle as he tried to pull the hook out. Immediately there was blood everywhere – the first sting punctured an artery, he said. The pressure was intense.

White tried every means to get the shark to leave him, but he was unsuccessful. He called for help from a few fishermen a few hundred yards away, but Darby arrived before they could help him. The dog heard Wyatt screaming and struggling, so he managed to open a car door and climb a small incline towards his owner. Darby attacked the shark and bit it on the gills, causing the shark’s teeth to sink deeper into Wyatt.

I said, don’t back down, then repositioned himself and grabbed him by the tail,” White said. She literally walked up the hill with him and hugged him. After Wyatt threw him into the ocean, the shark swam away. Without Darby, White doesn’t know how he could convince the shark to let him go. He claims the dog avoided further injury to his leg, which could have resulted in a puncture of the artery rather than just a puncture. White expressed his greatest pride for Darby. He said that because Darby, also known as House Hippo, was such a loving and energetic dog, he didn’t realize how fast he could move and act.

He’s been part of the family since day one. Now a little more. Without him, I would be in a much worse position. After years of writing about economics, Joe was finally able to focus on what he loved, which was animals! His work has been described as an “animal paradise.

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