A greyhound named Eris charmed the web with his unrealistically long nose

Animals, like people, have their own peculiarities. Some have special features that can be seen with the naked eye, even from a distance. For example, a Russian greyhound named Eris has a prominent muzzle, which means it cannot walk around without attracting the attention of passers-by.

Eris’ nose is 31 cm long. His owner even allowed us to measure his nose to see if he was registered.

When Eris was born, it was already clear that she would be different from her siblings. This dog’s life was not affected in any way by this trait. Lily’s breeder had explained to her that Eris had a size defect and was therefore not suitable for exhibitions. But that wasn’t a big deal for Lily.

People would come to us and ask us what race Eris was. We started looking for new places where we could walk the dogs properly, explains the owner.

By the way, Eris is not only beautiful, but also very tall. Eris’ body is 144cm long from nose to tail. Of course, his long nose is everywhere.

The dog makes good use of this impressive body part: he pushes it between sofa cushions, through holes in the fence and sometimes even into people’s plates at the dining table.

No matter whether Eri’s recorded length is confirmed or not even though it is not officially recognized, her nose is very impressive.

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