A girl found an old suitcase in the park. What she found inside amazed her.

Sarah Baumer is a girl who can’t imagine life without her pets. One day she went for a walk in the park to get some fresh air. It was a normal sunny day, which didn’t bode well for her.

If she hadn’t made that weird noise, she might not even have noticed an old suitcase lying in the grass. When she approached, she was completely bewildered. She couldn’t imagine that she was holding another person’s fate in her hands at that moment.

The boot looked useless and sloppy, but there was something inside.

The kittens were hungry, weak and occasionally bitten by fleas. Apparently, the “resourceful” owner decided to get rid of his unwanted kitten.

What the hell did this do to those lovely kids?

To her surprise, Sarah finds the suitcase containing the kittens and dares to open it. Without his help, they would surely have died of hunger and destitution.

Few of us living in the 21st century are more human. The way the “wise” treat their loved ones and younger brothers and sisters can make our blood boil… We must have hope in the law of karma and believe that such acts will come back to us

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