A giant anaconda crosses the road and the men realize she’s not alone

Last month, a group of veterinary students encountered an unexpected obstacle while hiking in the Brazilian rainforest. A large python crossed the gravel path in front of them, but it was not alone. One of the students who stopped by, Antonio Stabile dos Santos, estimated the female snake to be about six meters long. As the snake approached, he saw several other smaller snakes following him.

Santos later discovered that the smaller snake was likely a male, a love suitor to a larger snake. However, as you can see, he wasn’t very interested. A surprising view, to say the least. However, Santos and the other students weren’t the only ones who had to wait for the snake to arrive.

Lizards also stopped by the side of the road, seemingly relieved by the snake’s other behavior. For Santos and other students studying the animal, it was a sight to remember.

It’s a very rare sight, Santos told the Globe. It’s very unusual.

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