A driver stops to help a kitten and is ambushed by an entire team

Robert Brantley was driving his truck down a road in the town of Pioneer, Los Angeles when he was ambushed. Well, he wasn’t ambushed from the start. Brantley was driving when he saw black, white and gray kittens in the grass by the side of the road. He stopped the truck, parked, walked over to the kittens, picked them up and recorded the scene on his cellphone.

His wife wanted a farm cat so I decided to stop by and help, he wrote, posting the video on social media.

At that moment, another cat appeared. And then another, and another, and another. Oh my God, there’s more. Brantley sighed. I can’t stand you. Soon about six kittens were rolling at her feet, meowing for help.

We have a kitten problem, she said. Who will do it. Then a few more appeared and ran out of the woods across the road.

Brantley receives many requests to foster kittens. When they get better, they all find a new home.

Except for a kitten. Brantley intends to give one of the kittens a forever home. It was the first cat she tried to save before the other 12 were freed. She called the cat Scout. The rescue video has been viewed over 2 million times on ViralHog’s YouTube page.

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